Adult Courses 

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Are you ready to take the leap? 

Have you been thinking of hitting some dance classes but your being held back by fear? This is an all to common scenario for our adult students.  

Our adult Dance courses are set at a beginner - inter level, so their is really nothing to fear. You will begin the class with a warm up to get the blood pumping, the heart rate up and lets be honest the focus off yourself!  

Our studio mentors will guide you through 8 - 16 counts of choreography... okay now the nerves really start to kick in! Don't panic.. stay with us! You will gradually start to add onto these counts to create a mini routine. By this time your bloods pumping, sweats dripping, the music's pulsing through your body & Bam you're Beyonce/ Mike Jagger! 

The class will finish off with some gentle static stretches to release any tension and lactic acid build up.

And their you have it! You've conquered it!  

pssstt: The most important thing to know is you might feel a little rusty, uncoordinated Or self conscious during your first class But like anything as you proceed to your second, third or fourth class, you will begin to understand your body.  we guarantee we have the best team of instructors & students that will make your transition into dance, nothing less than  exhilarating!

10-week Adult Hip-hop Course
Wednesday 7 pm - 7.45 pm 




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the 8 week body challenge


We wanted to bring a unique fitness challenge to our studio that focused on both body, mind and soul. This 8 week body challenge has been specifically created for those who like a variety of fitness styles. 

You will be introduced to 8 creative, new ways to train in resistance, cardio, balance, mind and flexibility. Each student will receive a personalised portfolio, an 8 week body challenge shirt + the 8 workouts to take home. 

Our team is here to assist you on your health journey in a gentle, supportive and challenging environment. 

8 Week Body Challenge
Tuesday 10 am - 10.45 am
Thursday 10 am - 10.45 am  

Starting 20th of Feb - 12th of April