3 Tips to help the environment

Our environment needs your help! So, follow these quick but extremely impactful tips to make your positive mark on the environment. 

1.    Avoid plastic. I know, I know it’s so hard! But you can totally do it. Start by making small changes.  Use re-useable shopping bags for your weekly shop, replace glad wrap with food pouches and bring your own coffee cup to your local café. There are endless ways to shuffle plastic out of your day to day routine, just find one!

2.    Reduce food waste. Each year in Australia one in five shopping bags ends up in the bin. Globally half of our fruit and vegetable produce is wasted. Try to minimise the produce wasted in your house by only buying what you need, reducing what goes in the bin. 

3.    Re-cycle. Re-cycling helps reduce land fill to our mother earth whilst also giving the ability to use something time and time again, giving the product a second life. By recycling properly, we save the earth a lot of waste and unnecessary energy. You can recycle anything from food, clothes and lots more. Nowadays, you can get money back too at a local recycling bin! So, use those bins!

samson smithBase181 Studios