Create your own vision board

Vision boards are a great way to get those creative juices flowing and start visualising your year ahead. You can assemble your board however you please! Whether it’s on the computer or with an A3 piece of paper. Firstly, don’t sensor yourself! Think about what you really want, and we would totally suggest that you go big or go home, the sky is the limit and the more you visualise these goals the more they will come true. 

For example – 

If I want an Oscar for best actor. I’m going to add a picture of an Oscar on my board and quotes from acceptance speeches I admire. 


Collect pictures, quotes, colours, materials anything that aligns with your goals. Then start adding them to your Mood board and the more the better! It’s great to be able to hang that on your wall and realise the amazing things you’re working towards. And don’t be afraid to keep adding to that board as the year carries on. Happy crafting and always DREAM BIG! 

samson smith