Easy Peasy Fruit Kebabs

Alriggght kids it’s time to put your chef hats on and let’s make a summer treat! Here’s what you’ll need – 

·     Pick your five favourite fruits, my picks are, Banana, Strawberry, Watermelon, Grapes and Peach. 

·     Kebab skewers.

·     Yoghurt.

·     Shredded Coconut.

Now follow these simple steps – 

1.    Cut up all your fruit in to bite sized pieces, make sure an adult is nearby if you need some help chopping.

2.    Start spiking your fruit on to your kebab sticks, you can make colourful patterns with all your fruits (BE CAREFUL TO NOT STAB YOURSELF).

3.    When your kebabs are ready to go, dip them in your favourite flavour of yoghurt.

4.    To add a fancy touch why not sprinkle some shredded coconut on after the yoghurt. YUM! The simplest afternoon tea and the perfect snack to have before a dance class.