Creating your morning Mantra

Having a morning mantra is a great way to reset your mind and change any negative thoughts you may have towards your day. Being able to wake up and give yourself the gift of a positive affirmation, sets you off on the right foot for the day. A mantra is also fantastic to keep in the back of your mind when things are feeling rough and you need that extra bit of reassurance and comfort. Here are our top 2 tips to creating your own Mantra – 

1.    Don’t over complicate it. Find keys words that allow you to feel empowered and motivated. Use quotes from books or online, or even think of your own phrases that mould well for you.

2.    Make time for your mantra. Create a routine where every morning you take the time for yourself whether it’s after you brush your teeth, before you get out of bed – whenever! 

Find the time to appreciate you!