Procrastinators guide to procrastinating

1.    Have a countdown. If you’re struggling to bring yourself to complete a task give yourself a countdown. “5, 4, 3, 2, 1” AND up you get! As soon as you hit one put away what you’re currently doing and move towards your next task. 

2.    Trick yourself! Say you have to complete a school assignment, so instead of staring at your notes get 3 colours together and colour code them. So, if my assignment is on Space I might highlight everything to do with the moon in blue and the stars in pink, and the other planets in green. Now you have not only made your notes look super pretty, but you have categorised your notes making study time much more efficient. 

3.    Reward yourself. Set yourself a time limit this task needs to be completed by and give yourself a reward if you complete your task in the desired time. So, say you do an hour of Maths homework, reward yourself with having a 10-minute dance around your bedroom!

Procrastination is the worst, trust me I know! It has taken much longer than it should have to finish this blog. BUT with these sneaky tricks you can totally beat it. Get yourself in a routine, so when you know you’re going to procrastinate about something, you will have your routine ready to beat it.