Winter Warm-Up

During the winter period we would all much rather be snuggled up on the couch watching a movie with a hot chocolate. But it’s important to keep our bodies activated and our muscles warm. Soooo, we have put together three quick and simple exercises and to make them fun for you guys they might resemble some well-known animals….

1.    Duck Walk.Keep your hands over your head as high as you can go. Then sink into a squat position and begin to walk. The lower you can go the more muscles you’re engaging. Don’t forget to quack!

2.    Bear Crawl. Go on to all four’s, drop your hips and crawl like a bear. To make it even trickier for yourself, use opposite hand to foot when crawling (right-left). 

3.    Emu Walk.Standing tall put your right foot slightly in front of your left, keeping your right knee locked reach down to touch your toes. Then come back up and repeat with your other foot. 

Give these three stretches a go on a chilly day to keep your body warm and ready to go for your next activity!