How to look after your local community

It was always such a big part of my upbringing to spare some time to assist in any way we could to our community. Every Wednesday my school would take us to our local nursing home and we would spend some time with our elderly neighbours, we would read to them, chat to them about their week, play games and music. As our afternoon came to an end our hearts were left full and us young kids were left full of wisdom. We would all leave with our fingers crossed that our names would be picked to be on the visiting roster the week after. These people were incredibly kind and generous with their knowledge as well as so interested in our teenage lives. This is an irreplaceable feeling and something I strongly encourage you all to do! Hit up your local elderly homes and enquire if you can swing by with a book or ring your RSPCA to see if the pets who need homes can have a pat – any place you feel passionate about, enquire how you can volunteer your time.

I can guarantee an hour of your day will go a long way in their day.