Remedies for tired Muscles

Feeling the strain and pain after a good dance lesson? Need a little help to recover? We have got your back! Take a look at these three pointers that have managed to give our bodies a good rest.

·     Ice Bath. Ooo yes, it’s a mental game hoping in of these, but they work wonders. If you don’t have access to ice hop in a cold shower. 

·     Don’t skip your warm up. Make sure to warm up your muscles properly before getting straight in to your routine. 

·     Magnesium. Magnesium is a great one to ease cramps and muscle aches. You can grab this in a spray or vitamin form or better yet include it in your diet by eating foods such as spinach, brown rice, pumpkin, bananas, fish and dark chocolate! Consult your local GP to find out more about this product and if it is suited to you. 

Always remember to keep an eye on the level of soreness you’re suffering and don’t ignore the pain if something isn’t sitting right.