How to Tie-Dye a T-shirt

Here is a crafty activity to do on a summers’ afternoon.


What you’ll need – 

·     Whatever you want tie-dyed! A t-shirt is always a good pick

·     A plastic bucket (whatever you don’t want stained)

·     A spoon or stick to mix with

·     Rubber Bands

·     Plastic Gloves

·     Salt

·     Dye


1.    Put Gloves on! Start by preparing the Dye. Usually it’s the same in most cases with pouring the dye and cup of salt in to some boiling water.

2.    We decided to do our Tee with a swirl pattern. Start by putting your finger in the middle of the shirt and twist it around your finger. Once you have fully rolled your tee place the elastic bands in the middle in a star formation. 

3.    Split your shirt in to however many colours you want and only place each part in that colour. We did half/half pink and blue.

4.    The longer you leave your shirt in the dye the richer the colour. We decided to leave each side in the dye for around 15-20minutes. 

5.    Make sure to use your gloves to avoid dye getting on your hands. 

6.    After you have removed your rubber bands wash your tee in cold water.

7.    Hang on the line to dry and then enjoy your new groovy design!