3 Tips to help our underwater animals

In Australia we are fortunate enough to be surrounded by some beautiful locations to swim and take the boat out on. But we need to take care of our animals under the water as they’re the reason these sites are so beautiful. Take a look at these three steps to protect our ocean family. 

1.    3 for the sea.Every time you visit a beach or water front, pick up three pieces of rubbish. This is three pieces less going in to our waters and swallowed by our animals. 

2.   Support organisations protecting our oceans. There are a variety of organisations spread nationally that work to protect our sea life. Find your local community group and see how you can lend a hand to these projects.

3.    Educate yourself. Become aware of the rising issues that are affecting our ocean and how we can help prevent it. Once you gain the knowledge of animals that are at risk and environments that are suffering spread the word to others to raise awareness regarding these concerns. 

4.    Don’t illegally fish. Make sure you’re aware of the fish that are allowed to be caught and the others that are not. Some types of animals are close to becoming extinct so keep our sea life safe when fishing.