Dreaming and Dream Diaries

EVERYONE and I MEAN everyone dreams!! Have you ever seen your dog dream? Im pretty sure my dog dreams about running after his toy the way his little leg’s air run whilst he is sound asleep.

Human’s have been dreaming since day dot and since then, their have been lots of analysis and chat surrounding why do we dream? Does a certain dream mean something? Or why do I keep dreaming the same dream? Well, let us fill you in on some fast facts that have come about over the past few years. 

  • Dreams lead to faster problem solving. It’s true. For example if you dream about a test the night before you are to sit it, you’re more than likely to score better. Reason being, your brain is processing the events of the day and categorising them allowing you better access to all the knowledge you hold! 

  • Nightmares are actually good… we know, we know. How!? Why!? We don’t believe you! But in actual fact having a nightmare allows you to cope with fears and begin to overcome them. If you feel like you are having the same horrible dream take the time to practice positive thinking around the situation. How can you turn lying in a bed full of spiders in to a positive? Well.. think of it as it will be the coolest thing to tell your friends at school and the story will go on for generations when your grandchildren are telling it to theirs. 

Now that you have taken on board this information, let us introduce you to the Dream Diary… TA DAAAAA! 

A Dream Diary is a notepad you keep beside your bed and every morning when you wake-up you take the time to write down your dreams. There are so many positive’s to keeping this diary such as, making your mind more aware of messages coming from the brain. Also taking the time to tune out from the outside world and tuning in to you. 

BUT THE BIGGEST PLUS is when you’re trying to recount your dream in the school playground or at morning tea in the office and you can’t remember - pull out your new fancy diary! 

samson smith