Here are 5 things to do on the Weekend

Google defines the “Weekend” as a time regarded for leisure or as an R&B Grammy award winning artist . The weekend we want to talk about is Saturday and Sunday. 

Some times we are super busy over these two day periods or others we have a sneaky couple of hours to relax and enjoy some downtime. But are you stuck and need some time fillers for the weekend? Here are five things we enjoy the weekend for -

  1. KIDS!! This one is for you. Team up and cook dinner for Mum and Dad. It’s actually quite a fun experience. You can’t go wrong with Spaghetti Bolognese. My brother and I would always put a fun spin on it that, on Saturday our “Cafe” was open to business. Our parents would come in and we would cook them THE BEST cheese toasted sandwich the town had to offer. We served this with a side of salad followed by a delicious hand sliced apple. Luckily, Google review wasn’t up an running just yet.. but it was super fun to decorate our cafe with candles and make our Mum and Dad feel like they were at a 5 star hotel (which they were). 

  2. Hop on to Google or chat with your neighbours and find a new spot to watch the sunset. Watching the sunset is a perfect way to close the day taking the time to talk about what you’re grateful for on that day and what you’re looking forward to tomorrow. Plus you see some amazing colours you never knew existed! 

  3. If it’s rainy…make a movie! We’re so fortunate with the technology being offered today so grab a camera or phone and make a movie. Improvise, write a script, get some costumes and you’re ready to shine! Just because it’s rainy doesn't mean those creative juices need to rest. 

  4. Take the time to reset and go through your upcoming week. Reflect on the week you have just had, what you really enjoyed, what were you grateful for and what is something you will change for the upcoming week. Through this create three weekly goals you want to achieve over the next 7 day cycle. Make these whatever you want! Maybe they are small steps to achieve your yearly goal? 

  5. Get out in the Aussie outback and garden! Whether you help Mum and Dad with the weeds or create your own greenery. Gardening reduces stress, gets you out in the sunshine and its great to check the progress of your plants every weekend! 

Enjoy your weekend folks! 

samson smith