Mindfulness is becoming aware of when you’re stressed. It is when your brain enters fight or flight mode. Improving mindfulness is accepting the situation. 

For example, If I am becoming stressed because I am running late. I need to stop, accept the circumstance and focus on my next step. It is the challenge of switching your body off and giving it time to reset and rejuvenate rather than continuing in a pattern of stress and anxiety. 

Ways to improve your mindfulness include,

·     Deep breaths. Stop and become aware of that feeling that is slowly swirling around your body.

·      Daily affirmations are a great way to enter a positive mindset when kickstarting your day, find the time to give yourself an affirmation and a deep breath leaving you feeling energised to tackle the day. 

·     Find your thing that will relax you, whether it be colouring in, riding a bike, going for a run whatever it is that brings a sense of peace to your body. 

It’s always important to stop and put the focus on yourself because you’re amazing!