Breakin also known as b-girling or b-boying, is a street dance style that evolved as part of the hip hop movement that originated in the South Bronx of New York City during the early 1970s.
At Base181 studios we teach the knowledge & history of breaking. We cover four main elements of breaking including top rocks, footwork, power moves & freezes. DJ Kool Herc defined "Breaking" as 1970's slang for "GETTING EXCITED" "ACTING ENERGETICALLY" & "CAUSING A DISTURBANCE"

Popping and Locking originated during the funk era on the West Coast, California. 
Popping is the contracting and releasing of different muscle groups to create a dynamic 'pop' movement. Popping is known for it's strong, sharp & robotic like movement contrasting with flowing and loose movement. 
Locking is a high energy, exaggerated, stylistic performed dance. Locking focuses on fast arm movements that freeze into a 'locking' position. This style involves large rhythmical and synced movement to funk music.

In groove classes we break down music and rhythm to help our students find their own groove. This hands-on class will work with students, leading them through exercises to explore movement and music, rather than teaching a choreographed dance.

We are putting an urban edge to the traditional acrobatics. While we focuse on floor tumbling, handstands and balance we will be introducing flips, tricks and partner work inspired from street performing & parkour. 


A Jazz style made popular by mainstream, commercialised imagery on TV, film and media. Commercial Jazz is forever changing to the latest of the dance scene. It is a stylised fusion of street funk, hip hop, pop and jazz as commonly seen in pop video clips.


Base181 Studios pre professional course provides the unique opportunity for young aspiring dancers between the ages of 10-16yrs to attend a training course under the guidance and mentorship of Justice Crew's, Samson Smith and elite commercial dancer, Chantal Curmi. 
This course is designed for those students wishing to excel  and gain knowledge, experience and training of the performing arts industy, taking them to the next level.

This course is a 1 year commitment from 9am - 1pm each Saturday ( within school terms)
Course subjects include but are not limited to;

Hip Hop | Breakin | Popping & Locking | Krump  | Acrobatics | Commercial Jazz|  Jazz Tech | Freestyle | Choreography  Nutrition | Audition Techniques | Stretch, Strength & Conditioning | Camera Skills | 


Performance Crew is a select group of students who display the dedication, attitude and skill set of an emerging professional dancer. This program is for those students wishing to work on their performance skills, work in professional dance environments and push themselves as entertainers.The performance crew will work closely with Base181 directors, being challenged and pushed to reach their full potential.  Moving into 2017, the performance crew will work at local events
 ( developing both stage and street performing skills), upcoming tours and compete in dance competitions. 
As a team, they will create a mid year showcase and be involved in creating  concept videos.The performance crew is by audition only.

Our show crew is a non competitive group that represents Base181 studios at local events and performances (developing both stage and street performing skills)  Show crew is for those studios wishing to gain performance skills in a nurturing, fun and team environment.