My child has never danced before does that matter? 

Not at all! All you need is the passion to move, learn and a little courage for your first class. Our weekday recreational programs cater from beginnger - intermediate dance levels. Our aim is to have your child leaving each class feeling empowered, confident and wanting more.  


The term has already started, is it too late to start?

it's never too late to start! You can begin your dance journey with us at any time. We are open for REGISTRATIONS all year round. 


Do I need to attend classes regularly?

Yes! All our programs are structured with in school terms. Typically a school term will run anywhere between 9 - 10 weeks. 


Can my child attend more than one class?

Of course! 


What do I bring to class?

  • Bottled Water with a name clearly labelled

  • Packed lunch and Snacks if you're doing more than 1 class [ We are a nut-free studio ] 

  • Sneakers for shoes

  • Emergency Plan and medication if applicable 

  • Confidence 


Can I watch my child's classes ? 

Unless invited by the teacher to watch a class, parents &/or friends are not permitted. We ask you to respect this and take it seriously.

your child may be okay with you in the class however, other students can find it uncomfortable and intimidating. 

We do have a Large tv screen with CCTV footage that you are able to watch during your childs class.  



What are your Class sizes? 

Our class size really depends on the age, style and group of students. We are consistently assessing this to ensure we are DELIVERING quality classes. 


How is information relayed to parents and students?

We have many platforms which we deliever information 

1. Our App

2. newsletters - email and printed copies

3. In studio - Posters & flyers about upcoming events. 

4. Website - events, dates and special events will always be updated on our website. 

5. Phone calls - We like to keep it old skool and check in every now and then to see how your child is progressing. 


How do I enrol ? 

Step 1: Fill out our enrolment form. Make sure you have a copy of our terms and conditions. 

Step 2: Confirm the classes you would like to enrol into. 

step 3: Start your membership program

Step 4: Enjoy our unique dance experience


Do you have a uniform ? 

We sure do! 

Base181 Studios has created a uniform representing everything our studio stands for. We believe that having a uniform creates unity, team building and a strong dance crew environment. We also believe that our students should have the ability to express themselves through visual appearance if they choose so, which is why we have a variety of uniform options to suit everyones needs.

Students must wear their uniform to each class. 


How do I make payment for classes ? 

monthly installments


My child does not attend Studio classes, are they able to book into your school holiday programs and guest masterclasses? 

Of course! Everyone is welcome to our masterclasses and school Holiday programs.