We Aspire to BUILD confidence, community & connection.

We teach the foundations of dance promoting growth, diversity & the power of knowledge.    


Base 181 is my son’s happy place. When his dancing nothing else matters. Can not recommend Base181 enough. It’s a wonderful community they have built together and to be apart of something so amazing is like a home away from home.
— Nia Aloschi
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The only place where our daughter can break and hip-hop and show her personality - best dance instructors and cool workshops.
— Belisa Papandrea

I cannot recommend Base181 enough! I have been so impressed by the sense of community and team spirit. The teachers and mentors all ooze passion and treat all their students as valued members. I have watched my child grow in confidence and self-esteem and that has really transferred into all the other areas of his life.
— Priscilla Cork

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