Open Day | What to expect on our biggest DANCE day of the yeaR!


Do you have an interest in dance?

Find out what happens when we open our doors for you to create & connect in our higHLY SOUGHT after classes.



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What will I be doing ?

Open day is the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in our vibrant studio culture. Our Mentors will share knowledge of different dance genres as they guide and assist you with learning new moves, combinations and/or routines.

You’ll also have the opportunity to see and be inspired by our teams and crews who will showcase a mini concert JUST FOR YOU!


Lots of other dancers your age, our studio directors and our passionate Base Team who will be on hand to chat and help you in selecting the perfect program and classes.

Can i bring a friend ?

Yes, Yes, Yes! Your friends and family are welcome to join in. Be sure to get them to fill out a registration form to secure their spot.

What should I Wear ?

Wear something that represents you! We recommend any comfortable activewear that won’t restrict your movement and a pair of your favourite sneakers. Please avoid skirts, dresses and short shorts.

I’ve got questions…

We got you! You can contact our support squad at We’ll also be in touch to confirm your registration and to ensure you have all the information needed prior to the 17th of November, 2019.

What do I do now ?

All you have to do is fill out the form and consider yourself ready to rumble and registered!