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Base181 is a studio with big heart, extraordinary programs and passionate mentors. We recognise each dancer is different and set out to nurture each student’s journey accordingly. Our programs are intentionally crafted to create confident, resilient and ambitious leaders in a supportive team environment. It’s more than dance - it’s a tribe, a culture! A tribe with a strong mission to build brave, bold and brilliant creative humans who strive to uplift each other through dance.

Best dance school ive taken my kids to. Very professional, amazingly talented and they always go above and beyond in everything they do. They focus on more than just the dancing and focus on confidence building and supporting one another.
— Emma Stewart
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Great vibe, great staff. My son LOVES it and is learning with confidence. Staff always willing to ensure parents are comfortable whilst watching the kids.
— Didier-Jean Doolub
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Massive shout out to the amazing team at Base for the kindness, talent, motivation & mentoring you offer each child in your studio. You notice everything & make sure everyone is included.
— Nicole Kyburz

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Base181 strongly believes that, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." Our programs provide opportunities to participate and collaborate in giving back to our community.


Led by our passionate mentors who deliver engaging and uplifting programs, each child will be immersed in our innovative studio culture. Every lesson that we deliver contains subtle yet sophisticated layers of learning across multiple facets. We are educating the whole child and we take that responsibility seriously. Every decision that we make at Base181 Studios is made with the intention to build confident, brave and brilliant humans.



We are role models for one another therefore, we treat each other with kindness and respect. We show appreciation towards the choreography, teachers, students and studio.


Our team are committed to the growth and progress of our students. We recognise each dancer is different and set out to nurture each student’s journey accordingly.  



" When you are authentic, you create a certain energy... people want to be around you because you are unique." – Andie MacDowell



We believe anything is possible with the right guidance, persistence and mindset. Go BIG! Be BOLD!