This studio is just amazing - not only is the dancing incredible but the teachers are truly passionate about what they do and are such great role models. We absolutely love Base181
— Melissa Milner

Chantal Curmi Headshot 1.JPG

Chantal Curmi 

"My parents supported my dreams to become a dancer from a young age. With this support, I have travelled the world, danced with countless celebrities & learnt the most invaluable life lessons. It is my goal to pass forward that support to my students, letting them know that they too can live the life they've dream't." 


Samson Smith 

"At the age of 12, my dream was to travel overseas and enter a competition. At 14 years old I got selected to represent New Zealand at Battle of the year which was held in Germany. This experience changed my life. My mission is to plant the seed in our students, DREAMS DO COME TRUE"


David Green 

"It's always great to see the look on a kid's face when they see you perform a trick, but when they land that same trick a few weeks later after working so hard for it... nothing beats the look on their face then!"

Bianca Jones

"I look forward to a killer 2018 with you all!"


Corey Dohmen 

"I'm super excited to be apart of the Base fam, and keen to teach and spread some positive vibes!"

Fun, professional and caring studio with excellent teaching techniques and teachers who enjoy what they do and kids who are happy to be there. My son loves his lessons and his teachers.
— Jo Tamim